Two Features That Are Most Often Sought in Advanced Coatings for Industrial Goods and Products

Many industrial goods and products need to be coated appropriately if they are to serve well in their intended applications. Choosing an especially suitable industrial coating can be every bit as important as coming up with a clever design or setting up high-quality manufacturing processes.

In most cases, it will be easiest to think about the features and traits that a coating must possess in order to work well in a particular situation. A quick look at some of the characteristics that are most often sought in coatings will reveal that there are a wide range of potentially useful attributes.

Every Popular Coating Has Certain Strengths

There are a number of advanced coatings that are known for being especially versatile and flexible. Even in such cases, though, there will also be limitations that need to acknowledged and respected.

In practice, any coating can only boast so many desirable characteristics, regardless of how generally applicable it is meant to be. Some of the kinds of functional feature that industrial users most often demand in coatings are:

  • Chemical inertness. Some substances are known to be particular reactive, combining eagerly and easily with other types of compounds. This is rarely wanted in a coating, as reactivity will tend to cause accelerated deterioration in even the best of cases. There are also many coatings commonly used for industrial purposes which are especially reluctant to react with other materials. That will frequently allow a coating to hold up well even in hostile environments and to refrain from enabling undesirable chemical processes.
  • Biological compatibility. Whether for human beings or livestock, the biological details and defense systems of living things must sometimes be accounted for when choosing a coating. A coating that can withstand constant contact with the bloodstream or digestive system of a person or pet might find its way into a lifesaving medical device.

Many More Possibilities to Explore

These are only a couple of the respects in which some of the most commonly selected coatings stand out compared to others. There are many other possible ways by which a given coating can prove to be especially well suited to a given application or environment.